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How To Make Sure Your Wedding/Engagement Party Doesn’t Drown You Financially?

How To Make Sure Your Wedding/Engagement Party Doesn’t Drown You Financially?

It’s funny how most couples forget that there’s life to be lived, even after the big “I do” day. In fact, they spend so lavishly for that one day, they managed to make the first few years of their married life a little financially unstable. But they aren’t to be blamed entirely. After all, with the advancing in technology, everyone is exposed to and aware of how others handle their wedding organizing; naturally, this makes you expect such grandeur for yourself as well.

Here’s how you can handle your special day, without putting your financial future in trouble.

Set a budget and Keep it simple

Truly, we cannot stress on the importance of this. Setting a budget is the most important primary step of organizing your big day with wedding stationery in Melbourne.  By setting a budget, sticking to it, and keeping things simple to suit that budget, you’ve already done most of your job. And you can choose to “simplify” all the major spenders of your wedding; like the dress, the venue and even the food and door gifts.  Remember, simple in no way implies that you’re being stingy about spending on your own wedding.

Make use of the season/off season

Everything has a season; even weddings. Depending on which part of the world you hail from, having a wedding during the “off season” for it can prove to be more cost friendly. You’ll find this is true for both the venue and the dress. Time your engagement so that even as you send out your wedding cards with highest quality standard and feature (if you plan on having one), you’ll already know the venue of your wedding; making it easier if you don’t want to post your cards.

Embrace the ease that modern technology offers

We live in an age and time where anything is possible. In fact, for the right price, there are those who can organize your whole wedding; from across the seas. Apart from simply informing your party guests about the date and venue, you can also consider sending your wedding invitations online. This is especially useful if you have friends scattered around the country, or even around the world. Trust us, this might even be more reliable than regular post.

Think creative, think with your heart

Do you know the best part about having a small, simple and intimate wedding? It’s that you can let your imagination and your heart make your special day more special. Basic things, like door gifts, can turn into heartfelt tokens that will remain in your guests’ memories; simply by adding a little effort into it. Think out of the box. For example; little potted plants, be it the useful herbs or the versatile succulent plants, can make charming yet inexpensive door gifts…and if they survive, they can prove to be a happy memory (of your big day) that your guests can grow!