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A Guide To Spending The First Night In Your New House

A Guide To Spending The First Night In Your New House

Moving to a new house can be an exciting adventure if you plan it right. However, it is also a situation that is ripe for chaos, since any number of things can go wrong during a move. A chaotic moving experience can be disastrous for your first night at your new house, so it is in your best interests to have a proper checklist that will allow you to plan your move better. With that said, here is a brief guide on how to spend the first night in your new house without any hassle.
Use the assistance of professionals
Make sure that you locate any reliable and efficient removalists has to offer so that none of your possessions are damaged or lost during transit. With the assistance of removalists based moving projects can become less stressful and more secure, since you can now ensure that you have the support of professionals who are familiar with the area. Additionally, professionals will ensure that everything is packaged and packed properly, so that the fragile items are as safe and undamaged as the sturdier items. Better packing can make it easier to unload the essentials once you arrive at your new home, which can make your first few days proceed more smoothly, even if you have not managed to unpack every item yet.
Pack a first night box
Make an extensive list of the things that you will need to survive the first few days in your new house without having access to a major portion of your possessions. First, include several days’ worth of clothing; this ensures that you don’t have to rummage through each and every box to find essential pieces of clothing, and also that you don’t have to unpack the clothes immediately. You will also need to include electronics such as chargers and flashlights in this box, in order to ensure that you are prepared on every front. Other items to include are toiletries and eating utensils; make sure that you draw up a list of what to include before packing, so that you don’t miss out on including anything important. Additionally, pack some basic cleaning supplies so that you can quickly and effectively make the space habitable for the short term.
Unpack strategically
Use the assistance of furniture movers can offer you to make sure that your unpacking proceeds smoothly and without causing any damage to your possessions.
When it comes to furniture movers based companies will be able to ensure that you have everything you need to spend your first night in peace. Use their assistance to unload the heavy pieces of furniture and to move them into place so that you have a place to relax before embarking on the task of unpacking and arranging everything else.

Stone Benchtops Are Perfect For Any Kitchen

Stone Benchtops Are Perfect For Any Kitchen

The kitchen is normally a place of intense activity, where high temperatures, humidity and pressure, scratches and all sorts of stains are not uncommon. The benchtop, as the primary working area in the kitchen, should be made out of sturdy and resistant materials. Stone doesn’t chip and scratch easily, and it is temperature and impact resistant, which make it a perfect choice. Natural stone is also biodegradable, which means you can simply recycle your benchtop when you no longer need it.

However, as the central piece of the room, kitchen benchtops can have an important decorative purpose as well, and this is another characteristic to factor in when deciding on a specific material. Replacing your old benchtop can lead to a spectacular transformation of your entire kitchen, irrespective of whether you choose to leave it plain or have it decorated. In fact, many natural and engineered stones exist in a variety of patterns, so you can opt for a more subtle kind of decoration for your countertop.

Some of the materials you can choose from
Granite is more widely used for kitchen benchtops because it won’t get ruined by water and variations in temperature. It has a granular texture with colors ranging from deep black, grey, blue and red to orange, yellow, beige and pale pink. With various patterns, granite is equally suitable in a traditionally decorated kitchen, as in a contemporary modern one. Check out more about kitchen design in Melbourne

Marble is smooth and bright, and it reflects light making the room look truly stylish. However, marble is more difficult to maintain than granite: it stains more easily because its porous texture absorbs liquids spilled over it, such as coffee, wine, tea, fruit juice, oil, ketchup.

A less expensive alternative is onyx, a translucent mineral that gives any kitchen a modern, luxurious feel. Agate is similar to onyx – it is hard and acid-resistant, and can embellish benchtops with its array of colors (white, grey, blue, orange, red, black).

Slate has a natural, rustic appearance, and it is rather easy to maintain. Slate is acid-resistant, for instance, when you accidentally squirt lemon on it, and usually coating slate benchtops with mineral oil is enough to prevent or fix any scratches. Look for custom made kitchens in Melbourne

Another way to go natural is by choosing travertine, a type of limestone that requires the action of hot springs to form. Travertine varieties include coral red, yellow, grey, tan, and white color options. This natural stone has holes in it that give it its natural look, so it is ideal for rustic kitchens. When polished, it can mimic marble, if you prefer a more elegant benchtop that costs less.