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\”Obesity\” A Concerning Issue.

\”Obesity\” A Concerning Issue.

A person suffering with obesity is a person who is fat. This is the general notion or the normal perspective of the society. But in the field of medicine and therefore as per the definition of the National Health Organization obesity occurs when a person consumes high amounts of sugar and fat , and these fats and sugar are stored in your body due to the lack of necessary exercises. Then more energy by way of these consumed food stores in your body as fat. Obesity is not a condition that is visible immediately. It is a rather slow process that develops gradually with time. There can be many external as well as internal factors that causes obesity.

What are the reasons for obesity?

Bad food habits leads to obesity. The principle reason for obesity is the consumption or intake of food containing more sugar and fat. It takes a long time for our body to digest fat and sugar. Therefore more exercises and more physical activity is needed to help digest these heavy foods containing large amounts of fat and sugar. 

Consuming soft drinks and caffeine.

Drinking soft drinks and caffeine regularly and in large quantities can be one major cause leading to obesity. This is because soft drinks as well as caffeine contains more sugar. People who are exposed to obesity largely are employees and school children. This is due to the numerous commercial coffee machines placed in working places.

These office coffee machines may provoke employees to consume more caffeine whenever they feel low or stressed at work. School children are addicted to soft drinks as it is in the trend. Therefore it is recommended to avoid soft drinks as much as possible and to consume more water.

Consuming food containing more calories and following a poor diet.

Calories is the energy level of food. Or the amount of energy that is required for a person to intake. The amount of calories that are required by a women is lesser than a men. A men needs around two thousand five hundred calories a day where as an average working women needs around two thousand calories a day. The issue arises when men and women consume food containing more calories than necessary and avoid indulging in any physical activities thereafter to help digest these food. Therefore these food are later stored as fat in the body.

Having an improper poor diet is also another reason of obesity. People tend to eat a lot when they are hungry or when they are in a bad mood. We do not think of the negative effects Consuming fast food, Intake of large amount of food at the wrong time of the day such as at night, Bad health habits such as consumption of alcohol and the use of some drugs may also be a reason for obesity.