Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup On Your Wedding Day

Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup On Your Wedding Day

Looking absolutely perfect on one’s wedding day is an expectation that everyone has and it goes without saying that a mistake (even the smallest), could probably cause a tsunami of panic. It might sound exaggerating when you put in to words, however in reality this does happen to most brides who are having pre-wedding jitters. Nonetheless, when it comes to your makeup on this day you just might want to be extra careful of the dos and don’ts especially since this detail has a major influence on your overall look. So here are some of them that you need to know of. 

Do take extra care of your skin

As much as wedding hair and makeup plays a big part in owning a flawless look on your big day, your skin needs to be prepped for it beforehand. And this starts from taking better care of it. You should be making an effort to at least follow a thorough routine 3-6 months prior to your wedding so that on that day your makeup would look even more flawless and you might even not have to overdo it. Thus opting for a much more natural and refreshing look!

Do set a trial

Rather than letting the wedding day be the first time you try out your look once for all, it is best that especially with the makeup you run a trial 3-5 days prior to the big day. This would help you make adjustments thus letting even the experts from the best hair salon experiment with what would look best with your skin. After all, with time and the right treatment procedures, your skin might be of a better standard thus not needing certain previous steps that you might have planned for. However, if you are not aware of this beforehand, testing things out on that day might even leave you looking like an overly pampered Japanese Geisha!

Do incorporate colour

Since your wedding dress is going to be plain white, there needs to be details and elements that add up to the necessary colour. Therefore, when you are selecting a look, make sure that you incorporate colours in to the palette rather than going too simple and plain. You could use the theme colours of the ceremony as a part of your makeup palette or even the shades of the flowers in your bouquet. Nonetheless, do stress on the need to incorporate colours to your makeup artist (although they would already be aware of it).

Do a trial with photography

Looking like a pampered-up doll or a clown with horrible makeup is definitely not a good look to rock when you decide to go back to your wedding album to live through the memories. Therefore, while you make sure that you test out the makeup, make sure that you also take pictures with the flash on. Assess the outcome and find the elements that you should be skipping out on to look good not only in person but also in photographs.

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