Opening Your Own Cafe

Opening Your Own Cafe

In a world full of manmade wonders, nature and the natural seems to get brushed aside too often. People no longer have much time to stand and take in the beauty this “original” world has to offer. Yet, it is an understatement that almost everyone silently craves to breath in fresh air, observe a sunset or just sit under the canopy of the night sky.


Keeping in mind the secret desire for an escape mankind wishes, a location should be selected café chairs Be it a cafe for coffee and cake or a diner for a three course meal the ambience is as important as the food served. A Dull surrounding will not attract even the most bored mind. A spot that will stir up the senses, of even the tired homemaker and excite the strictest of professors would be what one should aim for. A sunset view to unwind to, an open air setting to really breath under or simply the sound of waves crashing nearby. A date with nature cannot be traded. Such a location means you’ve already won hearts.


Now that you’ve positioned yourself strategically, it’s time to choose the right interior deco. The right colours, furniture, wall painting and lighting will bring it together. If it’s an open setting prone to different weather changes, finding the right tables, café chairs and stools that will withstand is key. Having large umbrellas that is collapsible and storable in one section of the seating area, will help during rain. Lighting that enables one to see the food clearly, yet not as bright as a football field. Little centre pieces that will add character and bring the whole theme of the restaurant together, would be the fishing touch.

Special attraction

Say the restaurant has a sunset view. Set up an area where the barista can show off some of his/her skills. Place the diner’s seating area around this “show” by bringing in some nice bar furniture at Instyle Seating and high stools. This will create an entertaining atmosphere which can help unfold into a lovely night. Or show off the sushi master’s skills as folks gather around on the sushi bar. Or let the noodle chef do his magic as families are gathered for their meal. This will give your spot an edge over the others.


Deciding what you will serve and set up a standard menu. This is important. After all people are paying for the food. Finding the secret recipe for the in-house specials and cooking it up time after time should be perfected. Making your menu special and unique would serve to bring success in the long run. Quality and consistency wins over quantity.


Employing the right staff means setting “your” standard. Experience can come in handy for certain roles as waitressing and baristas, but willingness to learn will make a better student. Hiring and training staff with the vision for your place, making them feel like a part of the organization will result in better productivity.


The right signage, advertising channel and the advert itself should be soured to professionals. Getting the word out in the right manner matters. Make an opening night, invite folks to come taste and see for themselves. Keep it simple, relaxed and fun. Make them feel welcomed regardless of the different walks they may be from.  Its genuine customers who will matter and will keep coming back for more.

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