Scissor Platforms And Their Uses

Scissor Platforms And Their Uses

A scissor lift is a type of stage or platform which can normally move vertically. The mechanism to lift the platform upwards or downwards is the use of inter-linked folding supports which are in an “X” shaped patterns which is called Pantograph or Scissor mechanism. Common names of Scissor platform are Aerial working platform (AWP) and Elevating work platform (EWP). This is a mechanical device which is used to provide temporary access for people and equipment to areas or heights which are not in the access. There are various types of machinery access platforms which are also known as “Mike Hartley” and “Cherry Picker”.

This kind of lifting equipment is used generally for temporary and flexible access purposes like maintenance and construction works and most commonly used by fire fighters for emergency approach which differentiate them from certain elevation machines like passengers lifts. Scissor platforms are designed to lift a limited amount of weights which is normally less than a ton. The operation of higher safe working load (SWL) makes them different from certain kind of equipment like Cranes. These platforms are usually operated by only one individual. Aerial working platforms, in some cases or on demand, is provided with additional features like being equipped with an electrical outlets of compressed air connectors as power sources. They can also be used in under bridge units to lift operators to the below working areas.

The contraction or expansion of the scissor platforms can be controlled by hydraulics, pneumatic or mechanical systems. Despite of depending on a power source to lift the material upwards, it normally require no mower while descending as it is normally a release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.

Some units are mounted on a vehicle which can be normally a truck or a flat back van and these are known as a Self-drive. These mobile platforms provide portability and stability to the unit and Vehicle mounted Aerial working platforms are the largest of their kind. Being mounted on a vehicle can also increase the functionality by serving as a Transportable Workshop.  There are self-propelling workstations and these are able to drive functionally by themselves but needs to be transported to the required work site. Their power can be almost from any kind of mechanical driving systems which are normally electrical or gasoline powered.

The power and lift functions of an aerial working platforms are controlled by a professional operator which can be situated either on the work platform itself or on the base of the unit. Some modern models are provided with a remote-controlling units which give the operator a choice of position

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