The Land Cases And Related Problems

The Land Cases And Related Problems

The land cases have been a huge problem in the past as well as present days. There are several cases and this is in turn affecting the family lives in all countries around the world. There is a huge problem in different collectivistic cultures because the content of family is no longer available and it is affecting the whole meaning of life. It is very important to change this because there is a rule in Australia in family law relating to property that a person who had been in de facto relationship with a person for two years is entittled to a share in their property and other assets. De facto relationships are the relationships where in people live together without actually marrying each other. This shows the change in the culture because even today in Sri lanka, India and other collectivistic cultures, living together is not legally accepted because without de facto relationships itself, there is a huge problem with finding the legal heirs. If de facto relationships are approved and accepted, then there will be disruption in the legal system. 

Whom to approach for help?

When you are suing someone or filing case against someone regarding the will or property of a deceased or dead person, you will need to approach one of the estate lawyers Sydney, they will help you out. If you are contesting for any kind of case, make sure your lawyer had appeared in such cases before. In most of the countries the seniority plays a major role in the court room. Applications and practicality are very important factors to look into when you have to appear for a case in the courts.

Mostly it is more accepted to go for alternative dispute resolution. If you are contesting a will, you should make sure that there is a proper legal bound doubt with evidence of insanity or declining of health as expected from the petitioner in the court of law.

Equity and its application in the countries

Countries following the common law legal tradition is well known for its judge made laws. But, the countries following Roman Dutch legal system will not or do not support the judicial precedent. The need for judge made laws did not arise in this system because there was well established written laws on equity. This helped the people to settle when there was a complicated situation in deciding and this will be used as a pre decided decision “stare decisis”. Therefore equity can be mostly seen in family matters where the law mostly prefers the females since they are considered to be exploited more.

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