The Power Of People At Times Of Adversity Continues To Restore Our Faith In Humanity.

The Power Of People At Times Of Adversity Continues To Restore Our Faith In Humanity.

In times of floods or earthquakes or drought, people mobilize themselves to provide support for those in need. Oftentimes, there are large collection and distribution points for items which should be sent out to the affected communities. The sheer number of contributions that come in and the demand for them makes it no easy task to handle them. We are putting together a few ideas which we think helped us manage such collection/distribution centers.

Easily accessible data

Maintaining a real-time updated data sheet which is accessible by your entire team (or at least the core team) is crucial to make sure that your calculations and decisions are in-line with what you have at hand and what actual requirement is. Organize it in a way that the data can be easily filtered and also easier to read quickly. This will help the team work faster.

Communication and coordination

Clear communication and meticulous coordination is crucial for a process to run without any hiccups. When you handle a center with a lot of volunteers where a lot of items are being simultaneously collected and distributed, it is important to have clear communication lines and perfect coordination among the team members. Walkie-talkies become very handy in these instances. Also, identifying the right processes makes coordination easier and manageable.

Efficiency – tools, equipment and more

When dealing with large quantities of aid, sometimes it is not possibly to rely on your team to carry them as it is neither safe nor efficient. Therefore, identify some machinery which would make it easier to move goods from storage to the vehicles to expedite the distribution. We have found a few places where there were forklifts for sale or for hire. How do you find trained individuals to maneuver these, you may ask? During a crisis or emergency period, there are a lot of volunteers with different skills. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find them. Further, amass a sufficient number of vehicles for distribution, and also drivers that you can rely on. You will have to seek the support of your networks to find the right person for the job.

Stay tuned to developments

A lot can happen during a short time during an adversity. Therefore, while being on top of the collection process, it is also essential to be alert to developments on the ground, work alongside local authorities and other aid groups based on the need. This will ensure that your efforts are directed towards the community most in need and make your delivery much smoother. Check this website to find out more details.

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