Tips On Tree Pruning

Tips On Tree Pruning

Just like tree trimming, tree pruning too needs attention. It has its own methods, seasons to be pruned and how to be pruned. Maintaining a tree may not be an easy task, therefore, knowing the required techniques and tips play a vital role in this process. Following are some of the tips which may come in handy when you prune trees. Take a look and see if you already follow them in your regular tree pruning schedule or if you don’t.

The branches

Branches play an important role in the tree lopping in Perth. Just as they are important in the process of tree trimming, they are equally important in pruning. What you need to focus on is to ensure that there are even spaces between the lateral branches of the tree. This is most essential for the young trees for they are still at a growing pace and have not reached a certain age of maturity as of yet. Also, branches that cross with each other need to be pruned in order to avoid them running against each other.


Removing a crown, especially a living crown needs to be done very carefully. It is advisable not to remove more than a quarter of a living crown at one go. As you continue with your tree lopping over the years, then you can proceed with the removal of the crown for more than one fourth of it; this can be followed only if you can spread it over the course of several years.

What to maintain

Tree removal is not the only thing that you should pay attention to when you are pruning a tree. To be more specific, removing parts of it is not the only productive thing. If you carefully raise the crown, you can provide the pedestrians more convenience for their paths will be cleared. It is always advised to maintain live branches. Live branches which are of two thirds of a tree’s height in the least should be maintained without removing all. If you do want to remove more, then it needs to be done within the course of several years.

A pruned tree

In addition what was discussed above, a small tip of advice would be to remove the whole branch if you feel the need to remove more than half foliage of a branch. If you follow the tips in your tree pruning routine, you are sure to have achieved a healthy and a better looking tree over the years. Therefore, be wise and put the tips into action.

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